We are now delivering our sommelier’s collection of natural wines and Champagne in Washington DC. Since Washington DC is the home to K Street and lobbyist of all stripes, it opens up a new gift opportunity through Manhattan Fruitier. And always, wine and Champagne gifts are thoughtful personal gifts for family and friends celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, or as a way to say thank you.


Our sommelier has selected natural wines from around the world. We are most proud to present wines that are made from grapes grown organically or biodynamically at small vineyards. We also favor wines that are made with minimal intervention, usually without additives except a small amount of sulfites during the bottling phase which stabilizes the wine. 


When considering a wine or Champagne gift, you have the option of sending a bottle of wine or Champagne individually for delivery in Washington DC. Your wine gift will be presented in cotton wine sack and we will include your personalized gift message. Of course, you can choose a convenient time to have your gift delivered anywhere in the Washington DC area.


In addition to individual bottles, we have also paired our wines and Champagne with our gourmet food baskets – caviar, chocolates, cheese, fresh fruit. These artfully crafted wine and Champagne gift baskets can be delivered in Washington DC. Whether the food component of the gift basket is sweet or savory, our sommelier has carefully paired wine and Champagne to make the best combination. For example, we’ve paired our Chocolate Lovers Baskets with Tami Nero D'Avola 2015, a bright, fresh red wine from Sicily that enhances the enjoyment of the chocolates in the gift basket. And our Farmhouse Cheese Baskets are paired Brocard Chablis Sainte Claire 2015, a mineral driven wine that goes well with both our creamy cheeses and our sharper hard cheeses.


We are serving the delivery area in and around Washington DC with wine and Champagne, and  gift baskets featuring wine and Champagne along with a selection of artisanal foods. We will be expanding our delivery area in the future. Stay tuned for more states or check out our fully operational New York wine & champagne delivery offerings.