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Organizing meals and providing food for shiva is largely the responsibility of friends and neighbors. In fact, in the Jewish tradition, it is considered a mitzvah, or good deed, to bring food to family in mourning. So delivering a kosher sympathy basket during shiva is a very considerate gift. This collection of kosher sympathy baskets are all designed to be hand delivered right to the home of the bereaved family in the greater New York City area.


Filled with fresh fruit and kosher sweets, our New York kosher gift baskets for shiva provide easy to nibble snacks for both the family and the visitors coming to pay their condolences over the 7 days of shiva. When delivered by hand, these Jewish sympathy baskets, available in 4 sizes, make an immediate impression. The open handled basket displays the fruit and kosher edibles artfully arranged to lovely visual effect.


Our shiva gift baskets are all kosher to meet the religious restrictions of many Jewish families. For more information about kosher certification, please consult our main Kosher home page, or look for “What is the kosher certification of your kosher products?” under FAQs. Our customer service representatives can also answer any questions about our Jewish sympathy gift baskets.