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Goat's Milk Caramel Sauce from Fat Toad Farm

Goat Milk Caramel Sauce (8 oz.) $13.50

Fat Toad Farm, a family-owned goat dairy in Vermont, started as a simple experiment in homesteading. The Reid family got a few goats and tried their hand at making a version of Cajeta, a goats' milk caramel sauce popular in Mexico. From this humble beginning the sauce has grown into a highly sought after artisanal food.

This silky smooth caramel sauce is similar to dulce de leche, but with goats’ milk instead of cow’s milk, lending it a slight tang that compliments its sweetness.

Very versatile, you’ll want to try it as a sweet spread for toast, a dipping sauce for apple slices, strawberries and stonefruit, drizzled over vanilla ice cream or just do what we do and spoon it straight from the jar.

Watch Fat Toad Farm’s new baby goats learn to mountain climb to the milk parlor.

Goat Milk Caramel Sauce (8 oz.) - $13.50
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  • 1 - Caramel Sauce Goats Milk (8 oz jar)

  • 1 - Caramel Sauce Goats Milk (8 oz jar)

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