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Ligurian Pitted Olives

Ligurian Pitted Olives in Oil $11.50

Taggiasca Olive Denocciolate or pitted olives are a small blackish-brown olive sourced from a small producer in the coastal region of Ligura, Italy and are rarely found jarred. They are usually saved for the production of prized extra virgin Ligurian olive oil because of their mellow sweetness and clean, fruity palate and aroma. Ligurian EVOO is what the olives are packed in, giving you the makings of an exquisitely simple and delicious dinner. Just toss olives and their oil in pasta and serve.

Ligurian Pitted Olives (6.5 oz.) - $11.50
  • 1 - Olives Taggiasche in EVO (6.34 oz. jar)

  • 1 - Olives Taggiasche in EVO (6.34 oz. jar)

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