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Organic Ancient Grain Oatmeal $11.00

Farm to Table ancient grain whole grain and oatmeal is a hot cereal filled with grains like kamut, khorasan, spelt rye and barley. It’s rich, nutty and complex but a cinch to make in 3 to 5 minutes.

The only one of its kind on the market, Farm to Table is a conscientious company making a sustainably produced non-gmo and organic food far from the big agri-business of other hot cereals. The grains and oats are milled in Chappaqua, NY at different weights giving them a variety of textures and tastes. High in fiber and filled with a whopping 6 grams of protein per serving.

Ancient Grain Oatmeal from Farm to Table - $11.00
Product ID: P999

  • 1 - Oatmeal Ancient Grain

  • 1 - Oatmeal Ancient Grain

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