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Organic Pistachios

Organic Pistachios from CB's Nuts {FS} $12

CB’s organic pistachios in the shell are grown by the Buchanan Hollow Nut Family Farm in California using USDA certified organic farming practices. Lightly salted and barrel roasted slowly in small batches and at lower temperatures then conventional quick roast techniques to enhance the natural flavor. Pistachios, as many nuts, are considered part of a heart healthy diet when eaten in moderation. This 8 oz bag of in-shell pistachios holds about 4 snack size servings with 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 170 calories and a source of many minerals and vitamins. Naturally cholesterol free.


One of the most enjoyable parts of eating pistachios is cracking open the shells. When pistachios ripen, their shells split open slightly making the perfect crevice to use to pry them open and dislodge the nutty seed. And don’t throw those shells away! You can rinse the salt out of the shells, dry them and use them as kindling in your fireplace or to line the bottom of your house plant containers to facilitate drainage. Plenty of arts-and-crafts possibilities for the kids on a rainy day as well.

X Organic Pistachios from CB's Nuts - $12.00
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