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Our Vendors

We strive to support small-scale, hand-crafted food artisans whenever possible. Their products reflect a commitment to using the finest ingredients and time-honored methods to make their goods. Many of our vendors are actively involved in sustainable farming and in bettering their communities - real examples of acting locally and thinking globally. We are thrilled to support vendors making a difference in our future.

As for our fruit, we are pleased to feature local produce from Red Jacket Orchards and local farm stands at Green Market in Union Square. There's nothing better than fruit from upstate New York and New Jersey. Peaches, plums, nectarines, white cherries and donut peaches that come into their splendor in the summer months. In the fall, we cherish the heirloom apples and pears. And we take care to ensure that any fruit that does not meet our high standards because of blemishes or bruising is daily donated to City Harvest, a food rescue organization feeding NYC's hungry and homeless.

Balthazar Balthazar Bakery (walnut bread)

Balthazar Bakery is world renowned for making fragrant loaves from scratch every day. Balthazar uses only the finest ingredients and traditional methods to produce extraordinary bread.

BellaViva Bella Viva (dried fruits)

Farming the rich soil of the Central Valley is a tradition that the Martino family at Bella Viva carries out with pride. Bella Viva grows much of the fruit that they dry enabling them to have complete control over the fruit's quality from the initial growing phase through the final packing and delivery. Bella Viva's dried Bing cherries and white nectarines are about as close to dried fruit nirvana as you can get.

Big Picture Farm Big Picture Farm (goat milk caramels)

Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell of Big Picture Farm make goat milk caramels by hand from milk from their five goats - Manhattan, Orion, Fern, Gertrude, and Cicada. Big Picture uses only fresh goat milk combined with sea salt and bourbon vanilla. Thank you, goats, one and all, for your precious milk.

BlaBla Bla Bla Kids (hand-knit baby booties and rattles)

Bla Bla's collection of adorable booties and rattles are made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru and hand-knit by Peruvian artisans. We put Bla Bla's fruit rattles in a basket and call them "Baby's First Fruit Basket."

Blue Ledge Blue Ledge Farm (goat milk cheeses)

Established in 2000 by husband and wife pair Gregory Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions, Blue Ledge Farm is located on 110 acres of pristine farmland in Leicester. Blue Ledge is a small, first generation, family-owned goat dairy and cheese making operation. Blue Ledge's mission is to create a high quality product built on the cornerstones of respect for consumers, land and animals as well as our local community. We use Blue Ledge's sublime La Luna aged goat cheese in our farmhouse cheese baskets.

BK Brine Brooklyn Brine (maple bourbon pickles)

Our local favorite, Brooklyn Brine created this amazing twist on the classic bread and butter pickle: sweet and tart bite-sized crinkled pickle chips made with caramelized onions, organic NY State grade B maple syrup and Finger Lakes Distilling Bourbon Whiskey. We include Brooklyn Brine's pickles in our Barstool Snacker.

Catskill Provisions Catskill Provisions (raw honey)

"Happy bees make better honey." That's the philosophy of Catskill Provisions who specialize in 100% pure, local, raw honey from hives in the Catskill Mountains. We offer Catskill Provisions' honey in many of our kosher gift baskets, especially around the Jewish holidays.

Cayuga Pure Organics Cayuga Pure Organics (Emmer Farro)

Cayuga Pure Organics in Brooktondale, New York was founded in 2003 by Dan Lathwell and Erick Smith and has since become a beloved Greenmarket fixture in NYC with their 'fresh' dry beans and heirloom ancient grains. They use no artificial fertilizers, no G.M.O.'s and no pestisides to grow their heritage grains. And they are one of a small handful of growers of farro in the country. Most of the beans and grains in United States are actually grown in China and have a huge carbon footprint. We couldn't be happier to have Cayuga Pure Organics in our Pantry collection.

CB's Nuts CB's Nuts (Roasted Nuts)

Clark Bowen started CB's Nuts after he was bitten by the roasted peanut bug while attending a baseball game and partaking in the tradition of eating roasted peanuts in the shell. From his home in Puget Sound, Washington, Clark set out to perfect the art of craft roasting nuts. CB's sources raw peanuts and organic pistachios, brines them in his own specially developed process and then roasts them in small batches in a custom-made barrel roaster. The result? The best roast peanuts and pistachios we've ever tasted.

Charlito's Cocina Charlito's Cocina (Salumi & Charcuterie)

"I'm just a guy who loves salami.' says Charles 'Charlito' Wekselbaum, owner and head charcutier of Charlito's Cocina in Long Island City, NY. It is easy to see and taste a direct connection between that love and the hand-crafted charcuterie and scratch-made foods that Charlito's creates. He works directly with a midwest farming cooperative to source superior pasture raised, heritage breed pork which he combines with natural ingredients, herbs and spice to craft sublime salumi and charcuterie. Charlito's gustatory creations combine centuries of old methods for preserving meat and a clear joy for creating simple and delicious food for the sophisticated 21st century palate.

Duane Park Duane Park Patisserie (brownies, cookies & cakes)

We have been doing business with Duane Park Patisserie for almost two decades. Madeline Lanciani, the owner of this Tribeca patisserie and bakery, combines the mastery of French technique with an artistic vision to create delicious and decadent baked goods. All Duane Park Patisserie pastries, cakes and decorations are handmade on the premises - from scratch - using only natural ingredients.

Early Bird Early Bird Foods (granola)

Brooklyn darling Early Bird Foods was founded by Nekisia Davis, who developed a most amazing granola recipe. Early Bird's secret is in its great ingredients: toasted pecans, coconut flakes, crisp oats, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup -- all slowly baked with a healthy amount of extra virgin olive oil. Add a generous amount of salt, and the result is addictive granola that's at once sweet and salty, crisp and nutty. We feature Early Bird granola in our Early Bird Breakfast Basket and Morning Glory Basket.

Elenis Eleni's Cookies (novelty cookies)

New York bakery Eleni's is our go-to bakery for its ingenious hand-iced Academy Award nominee cookies. These Oscar Cookies have become a yearly tradition at Manhattan Fruitier. They are almost too amazing to eat.

Erica Erica's Rugelach (rugelach)

Inspired by her great aunt's recipes, Erica Kalick established Erica's Rugelach in Brooklyn to create all-natural, sweet buttery pastries. Erica's uses sweet, grade AA all-butter and cream cheese pastry dough, and only the best unbleached, unbromated fancy flour. Each rugelach is carefully rolled to ensure that every bite has just the right mix of walnuts, currants, spices and fruit preserves.

Fat Toad Fat Toad Farm (goat's milk caramel sauce)

Fat Toad Farm is a small, family-owned goat dairy in Central Vermont specializing in farmstead Goat's Milk Caramel sauces and fresh goat cheeses. Guided by husband and wife team Judith Irving and Steve Reid, Fat Toad Farm is one of the first small scale producers of Goat's milk caramel in the United States. We feature Fat Toad's Vanilla Caramel Sauce in our Applecaramelicious (apples and caramel sauce) gift.

Harbor Sweets Harbor Sweets (chocolate)

One of the early entrants into artisanal chocolate, Harbor Sweets makes distinctive and delectable chocolates in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1973, Ben Strohecker challenged himself to create the "best piece of candy in the world," regardless of cost. The result from his kitchen was the Sweet Sloop', a sailboat shaped piece of almond butter crunch, covered in white chocolate dipped in dark chocolate and crushed pecans. Across all its chocolate products, Harbor Sweets has always been dedicated to using fresh butter, fresh cream, and no preservatives. We offer Sweet Sloops and Citrus Shells (dark chocolate with orange crunch).

Kings County Kings County Jerky Co. (beef jerky)

Exceptional 100% grass-fed beef jerky from pasture raised and non-confined cattle. Kings County toasts and grinds its own spices and hand trims each slice of beef to ensure only lean protein in every savory bite. We feature Kings County Jerky in our Barstool Snacker.

Koeze Koeze Peanut Butter (peanut butter)

The Koeze family has been handcrafting peanut butter for over 80 years. This is the good stuff - the best all natural peanut butter available. Consistent winner of taste testing awards, Cream-Nut has no preservatives, no added sugar and no extra oils (not homogenized). The only thing added is a pinch of salt. We feature Koeze Peanut Butter in our Going Bananas and Bee's Knees gifts.

Koppers Koppers Chocolate (kosher chocolates)

Koppers Chocolate, a third-generation family business operating in Greenwich Village since 1927, is internationally known for producing the best quality panned chocolate in the country. Koppers is widely known as being the first company to marry chocolate and coffee with their introduction of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Burdick L.A. Burdick Chocolate (chocolates bonbons, bars and chocolate dipped fruits)

We have been buying chocolates from L.A. Burdick Chocolate for as long as either of our companies has been in business. The founder of Burdick Chocolate, Larry Burdick, walked into our first store on East 6th Street in 1987. He rustled through his leather satchel and pulled out a small wooden box closed with a ribbon and wax seal. The chocolates were petit, delicate, cut by hand, subtle and altogether ethereal. Larry's philosophy from the start was to combine French gastronomic sensibility with Swiss know-how, and American imagination. Since our first momentous year, Manhattan Fruitier has been graced by this chocolate-driven relationship. Larry is currently pursuing a long term project to build a chocolate processing facility on the island of Grenada, the home to some of the world's best cocoa beans.

LaQuercia La Quercia (prosciutto)

La Quercia, or "The Oak" in Italian, is a company based in Iowa making high quality American prosciutto using old-world methods from Parma, Italy. Their humanely raised heritage breed pork comes from sustainable producers who treat their animals and their land responsibly. We feature La Quercia prosciutto in our Italian specialty basket along with Parmigiano-Reggiano and olives.

Liber & Co. Liber & Co. (Texas Grapefruit Shrub)

Liber & Company are three good friends in Austin, Texas crafting small batch, cold-press shrubs. Shrubs are a concentrated tonic for cocktails made by preserving fruits, botanicals and sweetened vinegar. They were once an everyday elixir in Colonial America but over the centuries fell off the radar. Now, with the help of Liber & Co., shrubs are enjoying a well-deserved revival in the global cocktail renaissance. We are big fans of Liber's Texas Grapefruit shrub.

Lush Candy Lush Candy Co. (English toffee)

Lush Candy Co. makes luscious, buttery, crunchy golden toffee enrobed in 68% dark chocolate that is then covered in freshly chopped roasted almonds. Lush Candy cooks farm fresh butter, pure cane sugar, spring water and a hint of sea salt over a hot flame, creating a delicious golden toffee syrup. They then pour out and score the molten syrup into slender toffee mini-bars. Finally the hardened caramel is dipped in chocolate couvetures and individually embellished by hand. It's one of our personal favorites at Manhattan Fruitier.

Nunu NuNu Chocolate (salted chocolate caramels)

The term 'Nunu' is an affectionate nickname for little kids in South Africa, where chocolatier Justine Pringle grew up. Based now in Brooklyn, she and her husband Andy Laird started NuNu Chocolates with the belief that the world is a better place when chocolate is involved. Nunu uses a single origin Cocoa bean derived from a Trintario and Criollo hybrid which we get from a sustainable and family run farm in eastern Colombia. We seek out the finest ingredients for their caramels, making NuNu Chocolates a totally natural and individually handmade treat. Oh, and the salt topping makes these addicting.

One Girl One Girl Cookies (whoopie pies, cupcakes and cookies)

Our dearest collaborators and bakers, One Girl Cookies, a family-owned bakery in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, will charm anyone with a sweet tooth. They create a truly outstanding assortment of cupcakes, cookies and cakes which we are proud to offer to our customers. The essence of quality, freshness and taste are found in their raw ingredients and the manner in which they are used. The best cupcakes in the country!

Paramount Caviar Paramount Caviar (Scottish smoked salmon and Osetra caviar)

Paramount Caviar travels the world to hand select and oversee the processing and shipping of their caviar. It is the caviar of choice for chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin. Paramount is an industry leader in conservation and is dedicated to importing and distributing only legally produced Caspian and Black Sea caviar with a selection of farm raised caviar from Europe.

Potters Crackers Potter's Crackers (organic whole wheat crackers)

Potter's whole grain, handmade, crackers are produced with Wisconsin milled whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter in Madison, Wisconsin. The company was started by mother and son team Nancy and Weber Potter in 2006 when they saw the specialty cheese industry in Wisconsin exploding with exceptional cheeses and no deserving cracker to accompany them.

Quinn Popcorn Quinn Popcorn (Popcorn)

Quinn Popcorn, named after Kristy and Coulter's baby boy, has reinvented their favorite childhood snack of microwave popcorn to a delicious and addicting effect. Using non-GMO corn sourced from organic farmers and quality food for their flavors - real butter please, hold the Diacetyl Butanedione! No artificial coatings or harmful chemicals on - or in - the bag. Their mission from day one has been to make popcorn that is pure, tasty and feel-good fun.

Recchiutti Recchiuti Confections (bittersweet chocolate sauce)

Recchiuti Confections was founded in San Francisco in 1997 by Michael Recchiuti and his wife Jacky. Their idea was to introduce people to truly exquisite chocolates. Michael achieved this goal by painstakingly selecting each ingredient that would go into the final confection. We feature Recchiuti bitter-sweet dark chocolate sauce in our Chocolate Fondue gift and Chocolate Dipping Party gift.

Red Jacket Red Jacket Orchards(apples, pears, stone fruit)

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State along the rolling hills of Seneca Lake, Red Jacket's orchard was originally planted in 1917. Today, the orchard is managed by the second and third generation of the Nicholson family. Red Jacket is committed to nurturing the tastiest fruits from fertile lands and is passionate about delivering amazing flavor and quality. In reverence to the environment, Red Jacket employs Integrated Pest Management practices and is certified by Food Alliance as a sustainable producer of plums, apricots, and prunes.

Shelburne Farms Shelburne Farms (Cheddar)

Over the past 20 plus years we have purchased over 11 tons of the exceptional cheddar from Shelburne Farms. Sitting on 1400-acres on a picturesque bluff overlooking Lake Champlain in Shelburne, Vermont, Shelburne Farms began over 100 years ago as a model agricultural estate. In the early 1970's, family descendants of William Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb made a brave decision to turn the property into a non-profit, farm-based educational organization focusing on land and conservation stewardship. Using only the milk from its own herd of 100 Brown Swiss cows, Shelburne Farms is one of the first farmstead cheese makers in Vermont and the first Certified Humane grass-based dairy.

Sweetleaf Sweetleaf (Baked Goods)

Sweetleaf, a trend setting coffee shop in Long Island City, was a natural match for Manhattan Fruitier. What started off as a go-to place for a morning cup of joe turned into a hidden gem for delicious baked goods. Baking on the premises, Sweetleaf turns out amazing baked goods made from scratch using wholesale ingredients. We are delighted to feature their scones, vegan choc-a-block cookies, blueberry cake and seasonal baked goodies.

Swell water bottle S'well (reusable stainless steel water bottle)

S'well's vision is simple -- they picture a world where plastic bottles do not pollute the planet and everyone has access to safe drinking water. Through their partnership with Water Aid, an organization that provides local water, hygiene and sanitation solutions to the world's neediest locations they are helping to accomplish this goal. We feature S'well water bottles in our Yoga Baskets.

Sahadis Sahadi's (roasted almonds)

In 1895, Ibrahim Sahadi opened A. Sahadi & Co. on Washington Street in NYC. Over 100 years later on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, great-great grandson Charlie Sahadi has grown the company to include over 2,000 quality specialty foods. The standout item has to be the incredibly fresh almonds they roast in house for us each month.

Thistle Hill Thistle Hill Farm (Tarantaise organic cheese)

Thistle Hill Farm's Tarentaise cheese is aged, raw milk, farmstead organic cheese handmade by John and Janine Putnam on their family farm in North Pomfret, Vermont. They use only certified organic milk from their grass fed Jersey cows. We feature Thistle Hill Tarentaise in our farmhouse cheese baskets.

Red Head The Red Head (bacon peanut brittle)

Beloved East Village restaurant focusing on Southern recipes using seasonal farmers market fare make our most incredible Bacon Peanut Brittle. Must be tried to be believed. We feature Red Head bacon peanut brittle in our Barstool Snacker.

Tierra farm Tierra Farm (organic dried fruits and nuts)

Tierra Farm is a small, privately-owned, certified organic producer and roasting company in upstate New York. They maintain a diversified organic vegetable farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, but specialize in nut and seed roasting and dried fruits.

Uncle Jerry's Pretzels Uncle Jerry's Pretzels (Uncle Jerry's Pretzels)

Pennsylvania currently bakes 80% of the nation's pretzels, most filled with heavy oils and sugars. Jerry Skolnick of Uncle Jerry's pretzels has never gone for that. He makes his pretzels the simple, old-fashioned way with no additives or fats, all in his tiny bakery in rural Lancaster County, Pa. We are partial to his "specials", unbleached wheat flour and sourdough salted pretzel rolled and twisted by hand and baked in his stone hearth oven.

Vermont Shepherd Vermont Shepherd (sheep's milk cheeses)

Vermont Shepherd Cheese is the country's most cherished and oldest sheep milk cheese. It is created by the Major family who pasture and milk their sheep as well as make and age the cheese on their 250 acre farm in Westminster West, Vermont. The family makes Vermont Shepherd Cheese in 10 to 30 wheel batches during grazing season.

Villa Cappelli Villa Cappelli (extra virgin olive oil)

Olive oil from Puglia Italy is some of the world's most palatable; it is highly digestible and rich in vitamins. Villa Cappelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, handcrafted from groves along the ancient Roman highway, is unfiltered, first cold-pressed at traditional stone mills using a blend of Coratina and Nostrana olives. It has a buttery, grassy flavor and a distinctive "Puglia punch" spicy finish.