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Prosciutto and Parmigiano Basket

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This handsome basket features prosciutto from acclaimed Casella's in Hurleyville, NY, using old-world methods of production, heritage breed pork, salt, air and time. An air-cured prosciutto with the texture of silk and the perfect balance of sweetness to saltiness. Casella's prosciutto is perfectly paired with a wedge of prized Parmigiano-Reggiano made by the Serra Family in the Po Valley near Parma Italy, where it is aged for 24 months. This particular Parmigiano is made from the milk of Bruna Alpina cows that produce small quantities of milk with a high concentration of butterfat and protein. Other traditional accompaniments include seasonal fruit - such as melon, figs or pears, Ligurian black olives in organic herbs and brine, and either Italian breadsticks or gluten free crackers, depending on your gift selection.