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Strictly Vegan Pantry

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Send a gift to fill a pantry with the perfect Mediterranean diet staples that are all verified to be completely vegan. We start with an exceptional extra-virgin olive oil Our handcrafted extra-virgin olive oil, Olio Fresco, is harvested and pressed the same week. Robust, fruit-forward olives this year produced an oil bright green in color with golden reflections. It has an intense aroma of herbal marks and apple peel overtones. The taste is incredibly fresh - grassy and buttery, with a peppery finish. What better way to pair our olive oil than with a classic balsamic vinegar (8.5.fl oz) from Modena, Italy in the more northern part of the country. A well-balanced vinegar with a sweet and tangy taste in a cool little bottle with cork spout attached.

Building on the theme of vegan pantry goods from the Mediterranean, we include a jar of capers (3.7 oz) from Italy, and a jar of preserved lemons (7 oz) and a jar of hand-rolled whole wheat couscous (1.1 lbs) from Tunisia. The capers and lemons are intensely flavored so less is more in your recipes, and because they last a long time after opening, you can use what you need and refrigerate the rest. The couscous is rolled by hand not by machine and is made from whole wheat durum semolina. Herbes de Provence are a versatile blend of herbs found around the greater Mediterranean area. We chose the French Countryside Blend by Greenpoint Trading Co. (1.5.oz) that mixes dried thyme, rosemary, lavender, marjoram, basil, sage and oregano.

Finally, a nice chutney is an essential ingredient to any well-stocked pantry. The Balsamic Fig Chutney from Virginia Chutney Co. (10 oz jar) can be used as a condiment to kick up rice dishes, tofu, and steamed vegetables or as a spread on vegan crackers or vegan bread.