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Bagel Brunch Deluxe

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Bagel Brunch is a classic Jewish-inspired meal with bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers.

This Deluxe version also features organic blood orange juice and rugelach for dessert.

Start with a bagel. The authentic NYC bagels from Utopia Bagels are hand rolled, kettle boiled, and baked in a carousel oven from 1948. Bagel Brunch includes a 5 pack of bagels in the following flavors: pumpernickel, rye with caraway seeds, wheat, sesame seed, and poppy seed.
Slather on delicious New York organic cream cheese. Next, layer the smoked salmon on top. This award-winning smoked salmon comes from Scotland where the salmon are farm-raised in the rough coastal Atlanticwaters. The curing, smoking, and hand-slicing process is handled with exceptional care and the end result is 8 ounces of the most delicate buttery smoked salmon you can imagine. For the final garnish, sprinkle on some capers and spritz with a fresh lemon.

The Deluxe also features rugelach for dessert: either made by Erica's Rugelach and Baking Company in Brooklyn, Last but not least is a large bottle of organic Volcano Blood Orange Juice, made by oranges grown in the fertile volcanic soil around the Mt. Etna Volcano in Sicily.