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6 Month Fruit Club ($30/mo.)

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We’ve curated a sumptuous monthly fruit club that features two of our favorite in-season fruits each month of the year. Many offerings are delivered to us directly from the orchard for the ultimate in freshness. Deliveries are sequential starting on the first delivery month.

Jan: 4 Blood Oranges and 5 Navel Oranges
Feb: 3 Sumo Citrus and 6 Murcott Tangerines
Mar: 4 Sweet Cheeks® Apples and 5 Granny Smith Apples
Apr: 6 Mandarins and 3 Passion Fruit
May: 3 Champagne Mango and 3 Hass Avocados
Jun: 1 1/2lb Seasonal Cherries
July: 4 Sugarine Nectarines and 5 Dapple Pluots
Aug: 5 Pearl White Peaches and 8 Italian Prune Plums
Sept: 6 Butter Pears and 3 Reddy Robin Pears
Oct: 5 Cranberry Pomegranates and 4-8 Kiwi Deliciosa (depending on size of kiwi)
Nov: 5 Snapdragon Apples and 4 Taylor Gold Pears
Dec: 3 Red Comice and 6 Satsuma Mandarins