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Campus Care Package

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When school is in session, it’s CRUNCH time! Supplement the microwave ramen and mac’n cheese dorm-snacking with this box packed full of nutritious, sustaining snacks - and a couple guilty pleasures thrown in - that satisfies and energizes. Because a thirst for knowledge can’t be distracted by a hunger for snacks!
Here’s the A+ snacks included in the care package:
• Heirloom Popcorn from Tiny But Mighty in Iowa. Tiny heirloom kernels that pack big flavor. This popcorn is microwavable and comes with bags but so much healthier and delicious that mass-market popcorn.
• Organic Peanut Butter from Koeze. Select Virginia peanuts, carefully roasted and coarsely ground. No preservatives or sugar, just a perfect balance of salts
• Micro-batch Seasonal Fruit Preserves from Food for Thought.
• Organic Ancient Grain Oatmeal from Farm to Table is a hot cereal filled with grains like gamut, khorasan, spelt rye and barley. It’s rich, nutty and complex yet a cinch to make in the microwave in 3-5 minutes.
• Parmesan Cheese Crisps from Whisp are 100% parm baked into the perfect cheesy crisp. Simple, sublime snacking.
• Cherry, Berry, Nut Trail Mix - Plump cherries and cranberries combine with cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts for a hearty, protein-packed, energizing snack.
• Gummy Bears - Because young adults still need a candy fix!
• Walnut Brownies (duo) from Duane Park Patisserie in Tribeca. Decadent chocolate brownies loaded with whole walnuts create a chewy, fudgy, rich indulgence.