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Great Morning Organic Gift Basket (9 lbs)

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A fresh start to the day gets fast-tracked with a Great Morning Basket filled with Organic breakfast essentials that deliver comforting nourishment and the freshest ingredients to give a boost and a juice to that most very important meal of the day. These elevated breakfast staples nestled in a keepsake bamboo lidded box include:

- A hearty loaf of sublime Semolina Raisin Fennel Loaf from Amy’s Bread in NYC made with organic grains.

- Organic Italian Blood Orange Juice excellent straight up, transcendent in a mimosa!

- Organic Pear Jam made from Pears grown in the Great Lakes Region of the United States.

- Organic Ancient Grain Oatmeal made from rolled oats, kamut, khorosan, spelt, rye, red winter wheat and flax seeds. All Organic.

- Five Fresh, Peak-of-the-season Fruits.