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Raspberry Hand Pi Pie Trio

Pi Pies - Raspberry Hand Pies $19.50

This Pi inspired trio of Raspberry Hand Pies from Sweetleaf Bakery in Long Island City is infinitely enjoyable. Created to commemorate Pi Day worldwide, 3/14, a day that is numerically the same as the first three digits of pi. Each hand pie is one serving.  Box of 3.

What is Pi?

Pi is an irrational number that never ends -- AND none of the digits repeat in the same pattern. What's more is that Pi is a ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  Pi is always the same for a perfect circle, no matter the size of the circle.

Z Pi Pie Trio of Raspberry Hand Pies (Only available for Delivery March 11 -14) - $19.50
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  • 1 - Z Our Raspberry Hand Pi Pies (3pcs)

  • 1 - Z Our Raspberry Hand Pi Pies (3pcs)

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