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Barrel Roasted Jumbo Peanuts from CB's Nuts $7.50

Get the experience of being at the ball park with Washington State’s CB’s jumbo dry roasted peanuts in the shell. What makes these peanuts so special is the craft-roasting process. CB’s starts with whole, USA-grown peanuts then barrel roasts them slowly in small batches and at lower temperatures than conventional quick roast techniques. The result is a peanut at it's peak of flavor.

To bring out the most in taste, CB’s suggests warming before cracking open the lightly salted shells and unearthing the savory nuts. This 12 oz bag of in-shell peanuts holds 8 wholesome snack servings with 7 grams of protein, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 170 calories per serving and a low glycemic index of 14. Cholesterol free.

Fun fact: Peanuts are actually not nuts at all, but legumes that grow underground. When we eat peanuts, we are eating seeds in a pod.

Roasted Peanuts from CB's Nuts - $7.50
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  • 1 - Peanuts from CB's Nuts

  • 1 - Peanuts from CB's Nuts

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