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Roses and cupcakes

Roses & Cupcakes $115

Roses and Cookie-topped Cupcakes, in a single gift. Twelve magnificent roses that radiate beauty and are laden with positive emotions.  And dazzling, enchanting cookie-topped chocolate and vanilla buttercream cupcakes made by One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. 

Enlisting the help of expert bakers Dawn Casale and Dave Crofton of One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, we created High Hat Cupcakes – safely shippable and scrumptiously handcrafted cupcakes with cookie hats that protect the delicate cakes during transport.

Two sparkling sugar cookies sit atop rich butter cream frosted cupcakes, creating a delightful triple treat. Whether you eat your High Hat Cupcakes with cookies on or cookies off, you'll surely enjoy these sweet treats.

Six cupcakes (half vanilla and half dark chocolate) frosted in all combinations of white, pink and chocolate butter cream.

Whimsically packaged in a beautiful pink and green keepsake box. Your roses are wrapped in a lovely waxed paper bundle. You have the option of adding a vase to this gift.

To find out what color roses we are offering, feel free to call us at (800) 841-5718.


One Dozen Roses in a Paper Bundle with Cupcakes (nationwide, vase optional) - $115.00
Product ID: FL674

Vase for One Dozen Roses - $17.50
Product ID: P902

  • 1 - High Hat Cupcakes (6)
  • 12 - Flower - Rose Stems

  • 1 - High Hat Cupcakes (6)
  • 12 - Flower - Rose Stems

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