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Thank You Notes

Thank You Messages

A thank you note may be for an act that is entirely personal or business related. So your gift message wording has to be flexible. But perhaps most importantly, it should be sincere and also specific, for example, "Thank you for the lovely dinner last night." It is always best to send a gracious thank you note as promptly as possible, but remember that a belated thank you is better than no thank you at all. Protocol has it that you don't have to send a thank you note in response to a thank you note or thank you gift that you receive.

Here are a few sample notes to get you thinking:

  • Thank you so much.

  • We always appreciate your hospitality.

  • Thank you for a job well done!

  • We appreciate all of your hard work on the ------ project.

  • We appreciate all that you do for us the whole year through!

  • You were so thoughtful, kind and generous.

  • We can't thank you enough for...

  • Thanks for a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  • Thank you for your sweetness and caring.