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Bagel Brunch

Bagel Brunch $120

"Bagel Brunch" is the quintessential Jewish-inspired brunch featuring bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. The Deluxe version also includes yummy rugelach and blood orange juice. 

The bagels, made on the Upper West Side, are classic water-boiled bagels with a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior. Four bagels: two poppy and two sesame.

The smoked salmon is distinguished by the quality of ingredients and care with which it is cured and smoked. This award-winning Atlantic salmon is farm-raised in the rough waters off the northern tip of Scotland. The harvested fillets are cured in natural sea salt and smoked slowly over oak wood chips from whiskey barrels. The end product is 8 ounces of wonderfully buttery, hand sliced smoked Scottish salmon.

We have chosen an organic cream cheese made in New York State. It makes the perfect bed for the smoked salmon. 

We also include capers for a garnish and a fresh lemon for a final spritz. 



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Bagel Brunch - $120.00
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