Buy Organic Food


In our Pantry, you will find an entire cupboard dedicated to natural and organic foods, including gourmet organic food and organic sweets. We know that more and more people are looking for organic foods as part of a healthy diet. Organically grown food is better for the environment, and doesn’t expose us to artificial pesticides or man-made chemical herbicides. We have always offered organic food to complement our organic fruit gift hampers and we always leave the stickers on the fruit so that your recipient can see for themselves that the fruit is certified organic. (Check out our recent blog about the different stickers on fruit so you’ll know how to recognize organic at a glance.)


Now you can buy the organic food, without the gift package! Currently, we have six different categories of gourmet organic products: grains (crackers and whole wheat farro), organic sweets (3 oz dark chocolate bar), nuts (maple syrup and soy sauce glazed mixed roasted nuts), cheese (Tarentaise cow milk cheese), juice (clementine and blood orange), and dried fruit (apricots, apple rings, mango and banana coins). We will be expanding our selection of natural and organic foods on a regular basis. Check back to our Pantry frequently to see what’s new in gourmet organic food and organic sweets.