Kitchen Pantry Staples


Every  kitchen cabinet and pantry should be stocked with some essential staples that we reach for frequently when cooking meals, preparing lunches and snacks, and making breakfasts. Our kitchen pantry staples will help you get started on building up your supply of basic kitchen essentials, or will offer some new items to add to your existing kitchen pantry staples.


We are always searching for kitchen cabinet essentials, with a little twist. A ketchup sweetened with honey made by bees in the Northwest Catskills, or a whole grain mustard whose seeds deliver an aromatic crunch in your mouth --- these are not your ordinary condiments. Our tart and tangy preserved lemons offer an alternative to fresh lemons and a few finely chopped pieces go a long way on lemony flavor. Preserved lemons are used in many traditional Moroccan meat dishes including chicken, beef and lamb or try adding them to pastas, grains or salads. Also ideal for making meat rubs is our French Countryside Blend of herbs and spices that echos the classic Herbes de Provence.


Even the very basic kitchen essentials of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives and pickles are distinctive in their origins and the way they are made. Our extra virgin olive oil is from a 14th century estate in Puglia, Italy that resurrected the ancient olive trees and began processing this unique and flavorful olive oil in the old fashioned way using the stone mill near-by. The balsamic vinegar in our kitchen pantry staples is a rich, smooth authentic vinegar from Modena with just the right balance of sweet to tangy. Every drop imparts an authoritative flavor. When reaching for olives and pickles, why not reach for the best? The Ligurian olives in our pantry are hard to find because they are typically used to make fine olive oil. Our maple bourbon pickles pack a sweet, spicy and tangy punch that will stand up and be noticed! Look for variations on the classics in our pantry to stock your own kitchen cabinets with staples.