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Olive Oil from Villa Cappelli

Extra Virgin Olive Oil $33

Introduce a special Mediterranean staple to your diet with this handcrafted extra-virgin olive oil from Villa Cappelli, producer of one of the finest and most genuine olive oils in the world. Villa Cappelli is the southern Italian home of Paul Cappelli, a long-time friend of Manhattan Fruitier. We are very fortunate to carry his exquisite oil in our pantry.

Villa Cappelli is a 14th Century estate situated on the ancient Appian Way in Puglia. It is there that Paul harvests Coratina and Nostrana olives and first cold-presses them in a nearby stone mill. This unfiltered oil has a buttery, grassy flavor with a distinctive “Puglia punch” spicy finish.

In addition to extraordinary flavor, Paul’s extra-virgin olive oil is one of a select group of oils that proudly carries the highly coveted European Union P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) seal.  This seal guarantees the concept of terroir, which is the characteristic taste and flavor imparted to plant-based foods by the soil, weather and terrain of the place in which it was produced using only traditional old-world methods.

Olive Oil from Villa Cappelli (16 oz.) - $33.00
  • 1 - Olive Oil (Villa Cappelli)

  • 1 - Olive Oil (Villa Cappelli)

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