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Organic Chocolate Bar from Cacao Prieto

Organic Chocolate Bar $11.50

Cacao Prieto produces incredible bean-to-bar organic chocolate in their beautiful, Wonka-style factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The organic cacao beans they use are their own, grown on their family farm in the Dominican Republic. These heirloom beans are some of the oldest and finest Criollo strain from trees planted by Christopher Columbus himself over 500 years ago.

Cacao Prieto was founded by inventor and aerospace engineer Daniel Preston, whose family has been farming in the D.R. over 100 years. It is one of the only chocolate companies in the world that is completely vertically integrated from farm to finished product. Daniel’s farm is also lauded for its long-ranging, sustainable and organic farming methods, and its preservation of Dominican Cacao biodiversity.

3 ounce bar. Organic, kosher pareve and beautifully wrapped in embossed paper.

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Organic Chocolate Bar by Cacao Prieto - $11.50
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  • 1 - Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Bar by Cacao Prieto

  • 1 - Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Bar by Cacao Prieto

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