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La Quercia Prosciutto

Prosciutto by La Quercia $13

La Quercia (Italian for "the oak") makes exquisite prosciutto by salting and air drying Berkshire pork using old-world methods in Iowa, USA.

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse spent years living abroad in Parma, Italy, the birthplace and home to the gold standard of cured meats, Parma prosciutto. When they returned to their home in Iowa, where there are many more pigs than people, they realized they had a unique opportunity to make a version of artisanal prosciutto all their own.

They work closely with Iowa farming cooperatives Heritage Acres and Niman Ranch, who supply them with humanely raised and antibiotic-free heritage breed pork to create this lusciously sweet, silky and salty, full flavored ham. 2 ounce package.  La Quercia's prosciutto is now made with Non-GMO Verified, GAP Step 3 pork.

Click here to learn more about La Quercia's farmers.

Prosciutto by La Quercia (2 oz) - $13.00
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  • 1 - Prosciutto (2 ounce pack)

  • 1 - Prosciutto (2 ounce pack)

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