Help with Gift Messages

and Sample Messages

Are you ready to send a gift, but stuck on the gift message? We may be able to help you with some general greeting message advice and some sample gift messages for various occasions.

It's not always easy to compose a gift message to accompany a gift. We at Manhattan Fruitier have years of experience assisting our customers in composing meaningful messages. Certain gift messages write themselves, for example, "Good luck on your first day of work" or "Happy Holidays to Everyone". Other gift messages may prove more challenging, such as gift cards accompanying a sympathy gift, get well gift, new baby basket, thank you gift, birthday gift or housewarming gift. Remember, every gift can be elevated by a memorable or sincere gift message.

Sample gift messages that might inspire your own personalized greeting:

Apology Notes
Baby & Congratulations Notes
Birthday & Anniversary Cards
Get Well Soon Notes
Holiday Notes
Housewarming Notes
Sympathy Notes
Thank You Notes

General Suggestions on Writing a Gift Message:

  • Even though your gift may be late, do not apologize for the tardiness in the first line as this tends to put the emphasis on you and sets up a defensive tone.
  • Make sure you have the proper spelling of the person's name.
  • A late gift and note is vastly preferable to no gift and note at all.
  • It's a good rule to say what you really mean rather than to second guess what you think the person might be expecting.
  • Use notes to introduce a personal element into your business relationships, especially when someone has done more than what the occasion calls for.

Apology Messages

An apology note that repairs a relationship after you have made a mistake is one of the hardest, but perhaps most important, notes you'll write. Apologies are given in both personal and business contexts. The most important feature of an apology note is that it definitively says "I'm sorry" or "I apologize." The message should convey sincere regret on your part. Don’t overstate or understate the situation. You want to apologize and offer a way to repair the damage, if appropriate. Give due weight to the mistake, but you shouldn't grovel. Also, remember the rule about not following an apology with a phrase that begins "but..."

Here are a few sample apology notes that may express your sentiments or give you a jumping off point to write your own:

  • I am sorry for …
  • I deeply regret …
  • I hope you will understand.
  • Please accept my sincerest apologies for …
  • Please forgive me for …"Please forgive my blunder the other day.


Baby Messages

As for greeting notes to welcome the new baby and congratulate the new parents, even a short baby message will work just fine. New baby gift notes tend to celebrate life and family.

Here are some sample baby cards that might give you some ideas: 

  • Congratulations on your new arrival!
  • Welcome to the world (name)!
  • Welcome baby (name) and congratulations Mom & Dad!
  • Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby.


Birthday and Anniversary Messages

The gifts you send every year for birthdays and anniversaries celebrate the passage of time and the special qualities of the person receiving the gift. These annual events focus on the gift recipient so it's best to personalize the birthday or anniversary card message. Each of our birthdays tends to be our favorite day of the year, at least until we start getting older when our birthdays may become a touchy subject. For these more senior birthdays your birthday card might emphasize the celebratory nature of the day without dwelling on the advancing years.

Here are a few sample cards where the words birthday and anniversary may be interchanged to communicate your sentiment:

  • Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.
  • Wishing you good health and happiness on your birthday.
  • May this anniversary be just the beginning of a year filled with wonderful days.
  • Wishing you a day filled with pleasant surprises.
  • Congratulations! You're xx years YOUNG.
  • You are aging like fine wine. Happy Birthday.


Get Well Soon Messages

A get well note should be upbeat and optimistic. It's probably not the best idea to dwell on an illness or injury from which the person is recovering, so our sample get well soon messages are positive and supportive. Even short get well notes function to let people know that you are thinking of them and hoping for a quick recovery. Here are a few sample get well soon notes that may work fine or give you a jumping off point to write you own:

  • All my best for a speedy recovery.

  • We send our love and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Hope this gift soothes your aches and pains.

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  • We are glad you are home and feeling better.


Holiday or Christmas Messages

Saying "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" is of course a happy occasion. There are conventions for holiday greeting, especially in a business context that function to combine a holiday greeting with a thank you for a successful business relationship. After all, the end of the year is an opportune time to send a holiday gift and note that expresses your gratitude for a meaningful and profitable business relationship. For personal holiday or Christmas notes, you might want to add a little more detail about the importance of family or friends as part of the holiday greeting.

If you are uncertain what holiday someone celebrates (Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza), it's always safe to use the phrase "Happy Holidays" or "Season’s Greetings" in your holiday message. You want your holiday card message to exuberantly express your positive feelings to someone. Don't be shy with your message.

Here are a few sample holiday cards:

  • Happy holidays. Thank you for everything you did for us this year.

  • Wishing you health and happiness this holiday season.

  • Season’s greetings. May you have a peaceful holiday and New Year.

  • Thanks for your loyalty and business this year. Enjoy the holidays.

  • Happy holidays to all at ABC Corp. Best wishes for the New Year.

  • Warm holiday wishes.

  • With good cheer this holiday.


Housewarming Messages

The note accompanying a Housewarming Gift should convey congratulations and best wishes to someone moving into a new home and also share a note of optimism about their future in the new home. It's a joyous occasion, so your house warming gift message may be as exuberant as you want.

Here are a few sample housewarming gift notes:

  • Congratulations! Here's wishing you the best in your new home.

  • Wishing you many years of abundance and health.

  • May your new home be filled with love and good health.

  • Wishing you a fruitful life in your new home.

  • May your new home be filled with laughter and love.

  • May your new home be a foundation for many happy memories.


Sympathy and Condolence Messages

Sympathy or condolence notes that accompany sympathy gifts are perhaps the hardest messages to compose. You want your sympathetic words to express your sadness to a grieving relative, friend or colleague as well as show your support during a difficult time. The best sympathy notes let people know that you care and are thinking of them. You may express your sympathy no matter how close or distant your relationship is. You will want to word your sympathy note a little differently based on whether you know both the person who died and the survivor, only the person who died, or only the survivor.

Since grieving can be a lengthy process, you might consider sending a gift more than once during the first year after someone passes. One other thing, don't expect a timely thank you note or acknowledgement back from the gift recipient. This is a difficult time for surviving family members and they don't always have the emotional resources to respond promptly to your gift.

Here are a few sample notes that may express your sentiments or give you a jumping off point to write you own gift message:

  • Our deepest sympathies/condolences on your loss.

  • Our heartfelt sympathies at this most difficult time.

  • My love and sympathy are with you today and always.

  • We are thinking of you at this most difficult time.

  • I¿m so sorry to hear about the death of¿

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • We are deeply saddened by your loss.

  • We are sending all our love and cherish our happy memories of (name)


Thank You Messages

A thank you note may be for an act that is entirely personal or business related. So your gift message wording has to be flexible. But perhaps most importantly, it should be sincere and also specific, for example, "Thank you for the lovely dinner last night." It is always best to send a gracious thank you note as promptly as possible, but remember that a belated thank you is better than no thank you at all. Protocol has it that you don't have to send a thank you note in response to a thank you note or thank you gift that you receive.

Here are a few sample notes to get you thinking:

  • Thank you so much.

  • We always appreciate your hospitality.

  • Thank you for a job well done!

  • We appreciate all of your hard work on the ------ project.

  • We appreciate all that you do for us the whole year through!

  • You were so thoughtful, kind and generous.

  • We can't thank you enough for,..........

  • Thanks for a wonderful & relaxing weekend.

  • Thank you for your sweetness and caring.