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Organic High Mountain Oolong Green Tea

Organic High Mountain Oolong Green Tea by Bellocq $32

The art of tea cultivation has a long history in Vietnam. Recently, Vietnamese tea production has increased to reach a larger world-wide market. One of the most exquisitely well-crafted teas from this country are the oolong teas from the central highlands. These are the most labor intensive teas to process.

Our High Mountain Green Oolong Tea from Bellocq in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is grown organically in the ancient soil of the Vietnamese mountains. Oolong tea is made from the larger leaves on the lower part of the tea bush. Rolled gently to dry in the air, the leaf darkens to a deep olive green.  Once the tea maker determines that the desired amount of oxidation has been achieved (about 15% in this case), the leaves are heated quickly to stop the oxidation process. The leaves are then rolled into small bud-like shapes with stems intact. Once gently dropped into hot water to prepare for drinking, the leaves unfurl. This organic green oolong tea produces a pale green tea with a verdant, floral aroma and a bold, earthy taste with honey notes. Bellocq tea atelier’s suggest heating the water to 175 degrees and steeping for 4-8 minutes, no longer. Use 1-2 teaspoons per 8 oz of water for the ideal immersion. 3 ½ oz package of organic loose tea.

Organic Etoil de L'Inde Tea - $32.00
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  • 1 - Tea - Etoile de Iinde

  • 1 - Tea - Etoile de Iinde

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